1. "Clean and Shiny" acrylic on canvas

  2. "Pop" acrylic painting

  3. NEW* American Dream House logo


  4. You Feel Like Paradise 

  5. "So Turnt Up" acrylic painting

  6. "Pops" commissioned acrylic painting of Louis Armstrong 

  7. TGIF acrylic painting 

  8. Self portrait 2011

  9. Summer decor 


  10. True Life: I’m addicted to astrology

    This is what I think about every sign when I’m happy:

    Aries Way to take charge. You go!

    Taurus Everything you own is so luxurious and tasteful. 

    Gemini You’re very funny and quick witted. Have you considered a career in acting?

    Cancer Omg, it’s really touching that you care so much about everyone’s well-being <3

    Leo FINALLY some damn honesty. More people should be like you. 

    Virgo Every detail is ON POINT. #perfect

    Libra You’ve said hello to 48 people at this bar. Why are you so popular and charming?!

    Scorpio You’re sexy and a little dark…I’m into it. 

    Sagittarius You are all about solutions—not problems. The positivity is magnetic!

    Capricorn You’re right, we should ALWAYS strive for the best. That’s an attitude for success.   

    Aquarius How are you naturally so tech savvy? #notfair

    Pisces Let’s philosophize about the world/mankind/society/everything again sometime. Asap!

    This is how I feel about every sign when I’m pissed off:

    Aries You’re being way too pushy and persistent. Chill.

    Taurus All you do is sleep and eat.

    Gemini You’re making me very anxious. Cut the drama.

    Cancer I think you might be psychotic. 

    Leo Stop talking about yourself.

    Virgo Holy sh*t, loosen up and live a little. 

    Libra You have a girlfriend, so stop groping me. 

    Scorpio You’re sneakily being manipulative again.

    Sagittarius Grow up. 

    Capricorn The ultimate Debbie Downer.

    Aquarius Umm..so is there anything else to you? I can’t tell. #detached

    Pisces You’re secretly angry about something that happened 5 years ago and it’s making everything difficult.