1. sbambition:

    Boredom Breeds Creativity

    For my 22nd birthday my friends and I got a HUGE bottle of Jack Honey, one of my favorite drinks, to celebrate. Once the bottle was finished (a month later) I bedazzled it for decoration. This blingy bottle can stand alone or can be used to store things like loose change or to hold flowers. Get creative! 


  2. "An ADH Revolution" acrylic on canvas

  3. "Clean and Shiny" acrylic on canvas

  4. "Pop" acrylic painting

  5. NEW* American Dream House logo


  6. You Feel Like Paradise 

  7. "So Turnt Up" acrylic painting

  8. "Pops" commissioned acrylic painting of Louis Armstrong 

  9. TGIF acrylic painting 

  10. Self portrait 2011